When boredom starts ruling your world and the daily run of life makes your mind tragic; then farms and zoos are highly recommended ones to bring cheerfulness back into your heart. Take your friends and family out the weekend to a peaceful world filled with bliss. Children will completely enjoy the trip meeting the greeneries and the wildlife at the farms and parks. Moreover, all these places are not situated in a place far away from the town and are inexpensive. The UK is one of the animal-friendly nations than we actually think. A lot of parks and animal farms are located in numerous numbers all over the nation. In London, almost 20 farms and zoos are located.


Rejuvenating zoo

ZSL London Zoo is the major zoo in the city; it also serves as a research center. It is benefiting society by conserving a huge number of species. The zoo was opened in the year 1828 on April 27, today it comprises around 698 species of animals. Zoological Society of London manages and maintains the zoo from the year 1826. ZSL London Zoo was the first to open Reptile house, public aquarium, insect house, and children’s zoo. There are several attractions encompassed within the park as Land of the Lions, where the Asiatic lions can be found. At Tiger territory, different tiger species are found. Some of which include the Malayan tapir, Reeve’s Muntjac and Northern white-cheeked gibbon. Along with Gorilla kingdom, some of the authentic Indonesian plant life is also found.

Rainforest life is a walk through an indoor exhibition that comprises numerous rainforest species for display. Penguin Pool at ZSL is the largest pool in England. Wide Monkey varieties are encompassed within the zoo; some of the popular ones is the troop of 20 black-capped squirrel monkeys. Butterfly paradise as the name suggests is the house of rare butterfly species; some of them are morpho butterfly, atlas moth, zebra longwing, glasswing, and postman butterfly. Hornbills, Von der Decken’s, Hamerkop, blue-bellied rollers, white-faced whistling duck and many African bird breeds exist here. Nature and wildlife available here brings such a visual treat for eyes. Hanbell is also a Zoo famous for its wildlife and safari park.

Theme park entrance price

Theme Park Names General Tickets Before December Tickets After December Opening Hours
Hong Kong Disneyland Child HK$ 419 HK$ 458 10:30AM – 8PM
Adult HK$ 589 HK$ 619
Ocean Park Child HK$ 539 HK$ 589 11:00 AM – 7:30 PM
Adult HK$ 759 HK$ 801
Grand Resort Deck at Galaxy Macau Child HK$ 319 HK$ 690 9AM – 6PM
Adult HK$ 543 HK$ 690
Snoopy's World Child HK$ 389 HK$ 408 9AM – 6PM
Adult HK$ 609 HK$ 754
Fisherman’s Wharf Macau Child HK$ 411 HK$ 433 10:00AM – 6PM
Adult HK$ 587 HK$ 602

Zoo Entrance price package

Zoo Names Opening Hours GENERAL DAYS PENGUIN DAYS Zoo Members
Zoological and Botanical Gardens 5Am – 10PM HK$15.00 Per Person HK$10.00 Per Person Free
Wetland Park 10AM – 5PM HK$12.00 Per Person HK$7.00 Per Person Free
Edward Youde Aviary 9:30AM – 5PM HK$12.00 Per Person HK$7.00 Per Person Free
Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Zoo 9:30AM – 5PM HK$13.00 Per Person HK$5.00 Per Person Free
Lai Chi Kok Amusement 9:30AM – 5PM HK$13.00 Per Person HK$5.00 Per Person Free

Annual Pass

Theme Park Names Annual Pass General Tickets
Hong Kong Disneyland Magic Access Siliver Child / Students HK$ 828
Adult HK$ 1,178
Elderly HK$ 290
Ocean Park Magic Access Gold Child / Students HK$ 1,345
Adult HK$ 1,888
Elderly HK$ 485
Snoopy's World Magic Access Platinum Child / Students HK$ 2,375
Adult HK$ 3,348
Elderly HK$ 820

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